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Valtteri Bottas har købt en Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm
Tirsdag, 14 Marts 2023 16:56

Årsagen til at Valtteri Bottas har købt en af de 500 producerede Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm til sig selv er:

I'm clearly a lifelong car enthusiast. But most of all I love Alfa Romeo. It is an honor for me to be an ambassador of the Brand and now to become a customer, owner of one of the 500 Giulia GTAs. It's a technically excellent vehicle, realized in collaboration with Sauber Engineering by leveraging the expertise and technical know-how that comes directly from Formula 1, but for us car and motorsport enthusiasts it represents so much more. It revives one of the legends of motorsport, the 1965 Giulia GTA, and perfectly embodies the Brand's DNA, passion for motorsport, driving pleasure, and a unique and distinctive styling appeal.

Alfa Romeo må tilsyneladende have fundet en lettere brugt Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm, som Valtteri Bottas kunne købe, da modellen har været udsolgt fra fabrikken siden oktober 2021.


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